Chris helped release so much that my muscles had been holding due to a lengthy sciatic episode. Even a few great-grandmother knots let go of their holdings.
Customer since October 2014
Great Experience with Great Results
I see Chris for deep tissue massages. I've been battling injuries from years of running. I leave each session feeling "healed".
Customer since July 2014
Completely worth every minute!
I have seen many different massage therapists for different reasons and most of them just get you in the room, have you undress, and start to massage. I love how both Chris and Joan will talk with you first to figure out what is bothering you and what you would like to focus on for the session. I leave feeling refreshed because they took the time working on what I needed done.  Customer since June 2014
Informative, experienced, professional, and just plain awesome! I have a particularly stubborn SI joint issue and not only is Chris able to provide immediate relief to that area but he also gives me ideas on what to do for self-care in between massages.
Customer since June 2014
Having a disability many people are afraid to work on me. Afterwards I felt so much relief from the pain I get sitting in a wheelchair. He really listened to what I said needed to be worked on and worked until the area no longer gave me any issues.
Customer since June 2014
Deep Tissue, I came to Chris with pain in area of the body. After the first session, the area he worked instantly felt better and my pain was reduced. Chris is very knowledgeable and can answer questions on why there is pain and how he will fix it. I am a runner and after one session working on my legs, I had immediate relief and improvement. I won't be going anywhere else.
Customer since July 2014
I injured my SI joint and have been seeing a chiropractor to address this for a few months with only minor improvements. One 60 minute session with Chris and I felt immediate relief. I will definitely be coming back!
Customer since June 2014
Very knowledgeable about kinesiology, and was immediately able to identify where my pain was originating, which has been a challenge for some other therapists I have been to. Definitely will be returning for regular work on my neck and low back. Thanks!
Customer since May 2014
Went in for neck pain. Provided great treatment, even beyond the amount of time I had paid for. Really attentive to fixing the problems I had identified. Noticed immediate changes in the amount of pain I was experiencing.
Customer since April 2014
I have had severe back pain resulting in several surgeries over the past 20 years. Since startinf my treatment (massage, graston, and manual stretching) from Prehab, I have seen a significant reduction in my pain and a dramatic improvement in my quality of life. I highly recommend Prehab to anyone suffering debilitating pain.
Customer since March 2014