Medical massage is a missing piece in our current health care model.

Deductibles are high and difficulties to afford co-pay 3x a week for physical therapy or chiropractic visits.

Today, many modern physicians are prescribing medical massage therapy.

More often than not, muscle and soft tissues contribute to pain. Often stretching and exercise will reinforce the bad patterns your body is in that made the issue come about. Is the muscle ready to be stretched or handle the exercise under increased tension under load (weighs, bands, etc.)?!

Treating chronic pain with medicine, physical therapy, or surgery often fails, fall short or lasts for a short while. Often resurfacing.

What is available to SOLVE or CORRECT the underlying problem(s)?

prehabtherapy fills this solution gap in healthcare for your with advanced massage treatments, manual therapy and muscle energy techniques.

•A massage is not just a massage!

•We focus to find the root of the issue and treat it effectively and safely.