Medical Massage for Pain Management, Injuries & Wellness

Redefining expectations


Discover how your body was meant to feel with longer lasting relief. A natural effective approach to move without restrictions & reduce pain quickly. Get results, see a specialist.

The focus is simple, work with your body vs on it.  Our dedicated care is not just for injuries or pain, it's your perfect alternative or in conjunction to other popular therapies.



"Break the patterns life puts us in"

Soft tissue release

Soft Tissue Release

Adhesions, triggerpoints & overuse creates dominant patterns. 
Movement limitations usually lead to tightness or pain.

Chronic pain relief

Chronic Pain Relief

We focus not only on locating where the pain is, but what's causing it.
Restore mobility, reduce pain or eliminate it.

Movement therapy

Movement Therapy

Advanced massage movement based active & passive releases.
Promote self-healing and re-pattern your body.


Manual osteopathy is not just about techniques but a detailed understanding how to restore movement and reduce tension and discomfort through manual therapies to structures of the body. Improve your quality of life.